We Are Responsive

Burdick & Associates would like to announce to introduce you to our new mobile responsive website.  Download our mobile Icon to your mobile device by following the following simple instructions.  Visit our website at your desktop or while on the go by having our Mobile Icon to your Apple or Android mobile device, select the Share icon then choose “Add to Home Screen”. 


Mobile responsive websites provide a great user experience, simple to use and navigate and most important recommended by Google.  

When Google speaks we listen because they have over 65% of the market share. Google states that responsive web design is its recommended mobile configuration because it is best practice.  This is because responsive designs are easier and more efficient for Google to crawl, index, and organize content. This is in contrast to a separate mobile site which requires Google to crawl and index multiple versions of the same site.

Also Google prefers responsive web design because content that lives on one website and one URL is much easier for users to share, interact with, and link.  This is in contrast to content that lives on a separate mobile site. For example; a mobile user who shares content from a mobile site with a friend on social media such as Facebook who then accesses that content using a desktop, which results in that user viewing a stripped down mobile site on their desktop. This is a less than optimal user-experience. Due to large emphasis Google is now placing on user-experience as a ranking factor, this is essential to take into account.

We aim to provide a site that allows our existing and potential clients to download our mobile icon to their mobile device.